What is the Arts Registry?

The Arts Registry is a free online hub serving the townships of Maplewood and South Orange. A Self-listing directory for artists, arts professionals and arts organizations, with the goal to extend their local, regional and national market reach.
Members can add their artistic or organizational profile with details of their work, as well as include samples, and contact information.

Who can sign up?

A creative individual, ensemble and/or organization wishing to maximize their artistic reach, expose their work to the community, and expand their audience.

We define ARTIST as a creative individual/group, at a local, national or   international level, in every discipline from Performing Arts, Literary   Arts, Visual and Media Arts.
We define ARTS PROFESSIONALS as individuals that facilitate art in every   discipline, including Administrators, Teachers, Stage Crew and others.
We define ARTS ORGANIZATIONS as groups with a mission to support and   promote artistic endeavors.

How do I edit my profile?

Once you register and log in, you will be directed to your profile page in editable form.
You can also go to your profile page and click on the wheel on the upper right corner of your profile, as well as go to the main menu to MY PROFILE and select edit profile.
While not all areas of the profile are required, we recommend taking the time to fill out a full profile.

How do I add photos to my profile?

Go to your profile in edit mode, click on the photo icon on the profile bar, and there you can upload and organize your photos. The profile photo and banner are also customizable.

How do I search the directory?

Go to the DIRECTORY page. The profiles on the Directory page are random selections that regularly rotate from the database of profiles in the system. You can search by keyword, profile type, primary discipline, market reach, and/or township.

What profile type is appropriate for my listing?

When you sign up, you are a general member of the listing until you fill out your profile. At that time you can select one or more profile types; Artist, Arts Professional or Arts Organization. You can also have multiple profiles with different login emails.

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